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Mr. Vipin Kumar Dixit
Chairman - The Asha Group

"At The Asha Group, we strive to uphold our dedication to excellence, integrity, and sustainability while being a dynamic and innovative force that promotes prosperity across a range of sectors. We aim to become a leading group that is admired around the world for its influence, morality, and steadfast commitment to the welfare of its supporters, society, and the environment.


Our goal is to establish a benchmark for the best goods and services available and providing unmatched satisfaction for our customers. With our consistent commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centricity, we hope to become household names on a global scale.
Diversified Excellence, Customer-Centric Innovation, Uncompromising Quality, and Long-Term Legacy are just a few of the important components that make up our vision."


A Visionary Entrepreneur

Late Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit

Founder - The Asha Group

The Asha Group is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of its founder, Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit. With the parent firm being established in 1911 by the ancestors, Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit established The Asha Group which has grown into a conglomerate of multiple companies, including A.V. Perfumers, Hotel Asha, Asha Garden, Bharat Cold Storage Private Limited and Raghupati Cold Storage Private Limited.

Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit had a clear vision for The Asha Group, one that emphasised growth and excellence across various industries. He established a foundation for the group that was built on innovation, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. This foundation has been the cornerstone of The Asha Group's success over the years.

The group's success has not only been attributed to the founder's vision but also to the hard work and dedication of his successors. The Asha Group has continued to grow and adapt to the changing needs of its customers, thanks to the efforts of its successors who have upheld the founder's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Today, The Asha Group remains a leader in its respective industries, delivering exceptional value to its customers through its range of companies and services. The journey of The Asha Group from its founding to present day is a testament to the founder's vision and the dedication of his successors, and it is poised to continue shaping the future in its respective industries for years to come.


The story behind the name.

Late Shrimati Asha Dixit

The Asha Group was named by the successors of its founder, Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit, in memory of their mother, Asha Ji. Asha Ji was a beloved mother and wife, who played a significant role in their lives and inspired them with her warmth, love, and kindness. After her unfortunate demise in 2002, the successors wanted to honour her memory and keep her spirit alive. Therefore, they decided to name the group after her, to pay tribute to her life and the impact she had on their family.

The naming of The Asha Group was a significant moment for the Dixit family, as it reflected their deep love and appreciation for Asha Ji and the legacy she left behind. Today, The Asha Group continues to deliver exceptional value and services through its various companies and initiatives, and is a symbol of love, dedication, and commitment. The Asha Group is a true testament to the memory of Asha Ji and the impact she had on the lives of her family.


Asha Campus, Hotel Asha,

G.T. Road, Saraimeera, Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh-209725

+91 8707404446

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