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Built on Decades of Trust

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The Asha Group is the culmination of generations of unwavering dedication and a visionary mindset inherited from our founder, the Late Shri Virendra Kumar Dixit Ji. Rooted in the principles of excellence, hard work, and unwavering commitment, his profound vision and passion for creating top-notch products and services have paved the way for our enduring success. Over the course of a century, we have embraced evolution and consistently adapted to changing times, establishing The Asha Group as a pioneering force in the industry. Today, we proudly unveil our brand as a testament to our enduring legacy and modern outlook.

Our Businesses

"Empowering Your World with Our Diverse Range of Businesses."

Our businesses are a dynamic collection of companies dedicated to delivering quality, value,

and innovation to our customers. With a focus on progress and excellence, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the world.

A.V. Perfumers

Based out of Kannauj, The Perfume City of India,

A.V. Perfumers is a distillery unit dedicated to creating magical flavours and fragrances 

through ancient methods along with modern techniques of extracting attar from natural products.


Hotel Asha

With the idea of bringing the finest services in the hospitality sector to Kannauj, we built Hotel Asha which is now one of the leading hotels in Kannauj as well as nearby cities. 


Asha Garden

Asha Garden is a multi-purpose guest house which has got you covered for all your celebrations from birthday parties to wedding anniversaries.

We hope to make the beautiful moments of your life even more special for you.

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Raghupati Cold Storage

 A reliable and efficient cold storage facility located on G.T. Road in Chibbramau, Kannauj. Our facility is designed to provide farmers with a safe and convenient space to store their potatoes.


Bharat Cold Storage

A trusted and reputable cold storage facility located on G.T. Road in Kannauj. Our facility is specifically designed to provide farmers with a safe and reliable storage solution for their potatoes.

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Asha Campus, Hotel Asha,

G.T. Road, Saraimeera, Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh-209725

+91 8707404446

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